Winter Wonderland

In my job as an applications engineer I come across some interesting and bizarre applications for EXAIR’s products. I was recently contacted by a parks director who needed to frost up the branches of the trees in the park to effect a winter scene.

They did not have access to a snow making machine so they wanted to cover the trees with ice crystals. Hosing them down with a garden hose weighted the branches down too much and created an ice slick all around the trees.

Installing one end of a siphon tube into the suction end of a model 6092 Vac-U-Gun and the other end into a bucket of hot water, the Vac-U-Gun drew up the hot water, atomized it, and added it to the outgoing air flow. Since it was well below freezing, the hot water fog turned to fine ice crystals that easily coated the branches of the trees. The fine ice crystals glistened in the light and was the exact effect they were looking for.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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