Listen to Customers and Succeed

This holiday season has been moving along well and been pretty smooth. I have been able to determine what gifts would be good for my sons and daughter, really without a hitch. That is until I realized my daughter is suddenly interested in clothes and earrings and other weird big kid stuff. My days of browsing the cool toy aisles are waning. So even though I had some other things in mind, I realize it is better to pay attention and act accordingly. Much is the same with customers…

Our original Line Vac product has been used to move everything from grains to plastic pellets to fish renderings. They have been on the market for more than ten years and proven to be a product line where listening to our customers has caused numerous expansions within the product line. as we sold more basic units, our customers began to ask for certain modifications.

One of the expansions we made, the Heavy Duty Line Vac, was to offer the Heavy Duty Line Vac for customers who needed to move abrasive materials which would quickly wear the aluminum or stainless steel and also provide a solution for customers who were moving exceedingly heavy materials like shot blast media or iron oxide.

One of our customers who manufacture float glass have been successful for years using our Adjustable Air Amplifiers to lay a nitrogen blanket down on the sheets of glass. Knowing of EXAIR and our product line they called to see if we could aid them in moving iron oxide. Their material weighs in at 176 pounds per cubic foot and they needed to move 75 pounds in 6 minutes, vertically 9 feet.

Since we have done testing on many different materials and distances, we were able to confidently recommend the 2″ Heavy Duty Line Vac for the application. It can move the volume they needed and resist the abrasion of the iron oxide. Just another instance where listening provided a successful win-win between our customer and EXAIR.

Now, wish me luck on the win-win for my daughter and I.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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