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Have you ever been on some company’s web site, racking your brain, trying your best to reach the data that is important to you? Perhaps you were not familiar with the company to know where the real “meat and potatoes” are on their web page.  Or more likely, the company requires you to call or e-mail them with a request to get the material you really need. A real headache indeed!

EXAIR’s web site is probably one of the most comprehensive web sites out there and certainly one of the most informational in the compressed air industry. We offer lots of support and product information, some of which the average user may not even be aware of.

Do you need a CAD file to drop a part you are considering into an overall layout?  Perhaps you would like to see a video of how our equipment works. Or maybe you have one of our products and need to get an Installation & Maintenance Sheet for it. All of these kinds of things and more are available within our Knowledge Base of the EXAIR web site. Getting in requires a simple, one-time registration. But once you are in, you have unlimited access to all the material located there. There’s no waiting on an e-mail reply or limited response to deal with. You can jump around to wherever you’d like to go within the Knowledge Base  at your own pace.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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