Communication Is Key

Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill and learning how each of us can improve our communication is beneficial to all. Communication is a two way process, so improving communication involves both how we deliver and listen to the message. To best service our customers, EXAIR has many ways to share and receive information.

There are the standard methods, of course, that have been around for years.  Phone and fax are still very useful, and everyone has noticed that fax is slowly becoming less utilized. As dreaded as it may be, email is certainly a valuable way to communicate, especially as it allows ‘attachments’ such as photos, which as the saying goes, are definitely worth a thousand words. If video or 3D models are exchanged I am certain the number of words increases.

The newest technology for communication is via ‘chat’ which can be accessed from the EXAIR website. Here, you can chat with an Application Engineer and do something as simple as confirming a part number to something more involved like sizing a Cabinet Cooler System.

Chat Live with an Engineer ‘Button’

The US Postal System is still a valuable communication tool, as we send out the EXAIR Catalog (currently volume No. 30) and the EXAIR-Mail (Number 109/Fall 2016 issue just went out), and some Purchase Orders still are dropped off by the Postman.

Another method of communication is face to face.  We have what we call the ‘Demo Room’ here at the factory in Cincinnati, OH.  In this room, we have every type of our Intelligent Compressed Air Products, in just about every size offered, ready for demonstration and testing to your application.  We’ve had visitors from all over the world come in and share face to face their applications and collaborate with us and test out the EXAIR solution.


There is also the EXAIR website, where we provide a plethora of information regarding the EXAIR product lines, CAD and PDF librariesCase StudiesPresentations, and the Video Library just to name a few.  Also, here is where you can Request a Catalog, Sign up for E-News, and Check List Pricing.

Lastly, and since you are reading this you already are familiar with the EXAIR Blog – a great way for us to share with you our musings and thoughts, in a way that makes it a personal take on the EXAIR products and our interactions with our customers.


Effective communication is very important to us and what we do here every day.  Feel free to utilize one or more of the Contact Us tools to communicate with us and we’ll be in touch!

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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At Your Service

I recently took a call from a customer who was between a rock and a hard place.   He had been setting up a new machine line in his facility for the past few months and everything was going as planned.   He made sure to place orders for all parts and items needed well ahead of the crunch time and all quoted ship dates were reasonable so he would be able to get the line up and going right on schedule, if not early.  Well, everything went fine except the one piece.

The one piece that hadn’t arrived on its ship date was a 96″ Static Eliminating Air Knife.  The problem was he hadn’t placed his original order with us, instead he went with another company who had promised a 3 week lead time on the item.  At the end of the third week he still had not received the product, and wasn’t able to speak to an actual person at this other company.  After three additional weeks of leaving voicemail with them, he decided to contact EXAIR.  His call was first answered by a real person, not a machine, then he spoke directly to an Application Engineer, me.

When he explained to me his situation  I assured him that we offer a 96″ Super Ion Air Knife,  and all accessories to allow for a speedy installation. He ordered our knife with the Plumbing Kit Installed, which will further cut down on the installation time. I then told him we have a 1 week lead time on this item because it is not a standard stock item (Stock items ship SAME DAY).  I assured him that if we promise a ship date we will ship the item on that date (or earlier)and he will receive a confirmation and tracking information.  Not to mention the fact he will always be able to reach an actual person when he calls.  Additionally, I helped him prepare for the installation by sending over CAD files of the exact product he will be receiving along with the installation and maintenance instructions.   This means he can have everything laid out to simply mount, plumb, and plug in the Super Ion Air Knife that he is going to receive from us.

The customer was astounded at the difference in customer service between two companies.   I saw the 96″ Super Ion Air Knife being packaged and shipped, as promised, one week later.

The best part of this customer interaction is this is not a special case here at EXAIR, every customer receives the same respect, service, and level of commitment from us,  to get you what you need, when you need it, and make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Another Trip Around The Sun

Well folks, today marks my 30th trip around the sun in this adventure we call life.   If there is anything I have learned so far it is, you can’t teach experience, and making your 2-year-old laugh so hard they double over are some of the best things you can know.

Here at EXAIR we are in our 29th trip around the sun and still constantly learning and changing.   This is because we have a lot of experience under our belt when it comes to compressed air and customer service.  One of the best pieces of free information we have to offer is our experience.  One thing I have learned through experience is it’s better to be prepared when you’re trying to do something in the field.

This is why here at EXAIR we offer a large amount of information about our products and it’s all available through our website.  If you are trying to get a machine designed or trying to figure out how to fit a new Super Air Knife into  a customer’s machine we offer 2 and 3D dimensional drawings of virtually every product, along with installation and maintenance sheets.

This means you can have a detailed drawing to figure out every last bolt or fitting you will need to install the new product and know exactly what it’s going to take to install and get the product up and running.

If you have any questions on how to install an item, need the dimensions of one of our products, or help figuring out which one will work for you, give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Conveying Small Parts or Bulk Material

Just yesterday I had a customer visit our facility for a product demo.   The product they were interested in was our Stainless Steel Line Vac.  When they arrived I showed them the full Line Vac product line and explained how simple the unit was to operate.   Then came time to put up or shut up, could the Line Vac actually convey what they were needing?  The video below is not of their product but portrays the Line Vac in action.

The customer was looking to move 5/8″ x 1/2″ x 1/8″ sized pieces of a hot glue pellets from a bulk storage bag out to their machine hoppers.  They had brought a bag with them which we used as a test.   Since this was merely a test we conveyed the product through about 6-8 ft. of hose using a 2″ Line Vac.   Within approximately 20 seconds we were able to convey what they stated was a fourth of their overall need. This rate of volume through the Line Vac truly caught them off guard.

The engineer that came from the customer started explaining that they had been looking at all methods to convey this product and everything they had looked at needed either large duct work, or a large foot print unit that included midway hoppers.  They then asked if we had any drawings or CAD files available to see how the unit would fit into their system.   I explained to them we offer 2D and 3D drawings of all our products, and they are all available straight from our website.

The engineer was thrilled that he could actually go to one place and find not only the product he needed along with the accessories to go with it that make it work, but also the drawings and technical data on all of the products.  So if you have an application where you are trying to move some bulk material don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Compressed Air Is Cool

Recently, I had the pleasure of assisting an engineer whose company makes honing tools.  One particular item is a large, heat treated, alloy steel part.  When it comes out of the furnace, it’s over 1,700°F.  Needless to say, it has to cool off quite a bit before they can do anything with it.  He was doing the best he could with some large shop fans when he called me to pursue the possibility of doing it quicker with engineered compressed air products.  His goal was to cool the part to 600°F in fifteen minutes.

For those of you without an engineering background (or for you engineers who “phoned it in” during Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow), there are 2 components to convective heat transfer: temperature differential, and flow of the cooling medium.  Increase either or both of these, and you get better results.

In this particular case, the temperature differential between the part (1,700°F) and ambient (80°F) is already huge.  Now, a Vortex Tube device could cool the air an additional 50° or so, but that wouldn’t really have much overall effect.  That left us looking at increasing the air flow.

We considered several options, but the Super Air Knife’s 40:1 amplification ratio made it the obvious choice for maximizing flow, while minimizing consumption.   I didn’t do the CAD drawings (although CAD is my favorite video game), but I supplied my customer with the 3D models he needed to design his system.  He incorporated three 12” Super Air Knives, supplied with plumbing kits.  He mounted them with our Universal Air Knife Mounting Systems.  It made for a very nice looking little rig.

Based on the initial data, my heat transfer calculations were in the “close but no cigar” range – making some conservative assumptions, I figured it could take as long as half an hour to reach 600°F.  When all was said & done, though, the cooling performance was a great improvement over the fans, and even better than my calculations indicated it would be – the system actually cooled the part to 200°F in twenty minutes.  Which was curious, because I actually paid attention in, did well in, and, dare I add, even enjoyed HT/FF.

As I come to grips with my failure to know everything, I’m encouraged that the as-yet unknown variables were skewed in our favor.  Yeah; compressed air is cool.  Even cooler than I thought.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Knowledge [Base] is Power

I have recently placed a post on our Facebook page about our Knowledge Base and I am asking for comments about it. Please take some time to look into the Knowledge Base and its valuable information. After looking at it leave us a comment on Facebook (you will need to LIKE our page) or this blog. Let us know if you would like to see something which is not there, or if you have a question about the information, what would you add?

Right now You will see Air Data; a collection of pressure, force, flow and heat conversions. It also explains how to calculate air consumption at different inlet pressures which is helpful when you only have air data at 80 PSIG but your line pressure is 60 PSIG. Air Data also explains the best practices for air system piping and charts pressure loss through lengths of pipe.

You will see our calculators to determine potential air savings of switching to EXAIR products. You can link to this blog or read our FAQ’s. You can learn about our Efficiency Lab Service, view our product videos, and browse our wiki. There is also a link to our Twitter feeds.

If you choose to register you can gain these valuable resources: An Application Database with over 800 examples of how our products have solved a problem. Our CAD library offers 3D models and 2D drawings for download , all of our products are represented in multiple formats. You can also download the entire catalog or individual sections in .pdf form, we even have a section optimized for use with the iPad. And you can also view or present our slide shows to learn or teach about the products.

So help us gain knowledge, what did you see that we are missing? What do you think we should add or do differently? Leave a comment at our Facebook page (don’t forget to LIKE it) or on this blog.

Thank you,
Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

Optimize Compressed Air: Part 6 of 6.

If you didn’t read yesterdays blog you should really take a minute to visit it. It is even more proof that EXAIR is always on the leading edge in our industry. It also speaks about our goal to help you optimize your compressed air system. This is all done through our Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compressed Air System. For those that have followed my blog mini series you will know that this is the final part in our journey to optimization. This blog will give you the last piece of the puzzle.

The final digit in the combination to unlocking compressed air optimization is…

Control the air pressure at the point of use to minimize air consumption.

This is done by simply installing one of our pressure regulators. They are available in multiple pipe sizes and flow capacities. The simple reduction from operating at 100 PSIG to 80 PSIG will reduce your energy use by almost 20%. Not to mention that some of your operations may be able to be reduced even lower which equates to even more savings.

For those that don’t know the movie Young Guns like I do, the group of deputized marshals were also known as the Regulators.  The trailer for Young Guns is below, just for fun.

Not only are all of our pressure regulators standard stock items for us (this means they can ship same day if ordered by 3:00 P.M. Eastern Time), we also have 2D and 3D CAD drawings available through our CAD Library. This allows you to completely layout your compressed air system without ever cutting a pipe.

This is yet another way EXAIR is helping to make your path to compressed air optimization as painless as possible.

As always if you would like to discuss your application or have questions on how we can help you with your compressed air system, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: EXAIR_BF