Work is Fun If You Have the Right Tools

This year Cincinnati has had the most snowfall in decades.  I’ve always dreaded shoveling snow but not  this year because I bought myself a snow blower. There is something gratifying about seeing the plume of snow being hurled into the air. Maybe it is a sense of conquest. It was so much fun that I cleared the neighbor’s drive too. I scored points and had fun too.

Having an inventory of tools may be a guy thing, and I plead guilty. Whenever the wife adds a honey- do to my list, it’s an excuse to go out and buy “the proper tools” for the job. Over the years my workshop has become fairly complete.  I would think this would be a coveted inheritance for my son but then that would spoil the sport of his putting together his own collection.

So what have I collected so far; Lawn tractor, roto tiller, wood chipper, rolling chest full of wrenches. You know the bare necessities of manly life. My most fun tool is a power auger that I bought last spring.

I look forward to spring but not the countless flats of flowers the wife brings home for me to plant. This must be universal because the men in the neighborhood share the same angst. Knowing there had to be a better way, I bought the power auger. I used it to drill a hole, throw the flower in, tamp in the dirt and finish long before the rest of the neighbor guys. Then just for a little male competitiveness, I popped a brew and wandered over to my neighbor to see how he was doing. Being the clear winner, I offered him the use of my power auger which seemed to have made its way around the neighborhood.

In our places of business, productivity is the name of the game. It’s not how hard you work but how much you get done. With the proper tools more can be accomplished with fewer man hours. That’s how you become competitive globally. Everyday I work with automation systems integrators. I am amazed at the ingenious concepts they come up with. Although EXAIR products make up only a small part of the overall project, I get excited being part of the specification process.

The latest opportunity was with an automated inspection and reject station.

The traditional method was to magnaflux the parts for internal fractures. This is an age-old process of flushing the part with a special fluid and holding it under a black light. Time consuming and the parts have to be cleaned.

The proposed method is to fixture the parts into a rotating table. They go under a proprietary detecting device that examines the part for internal fractures. If a fracture is detected, we used an EXAIR model 6013 high velocity air jet  to blow it out of the fixture and over to an EXAIR model 120024 Air amplifier to be vacuumed away to a quarantined area. No operator, no fluids, no added cleaning operation. That’s progress.

Until next week,
Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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