You wouldn’t Steal A Car, Would You?

You have probably seen the preview video on a recently rented DVD or perhaps on YouTube. The slogan says, “You Wouldn’t Steal A Car, would you?” 
The video basically makes the parallel between downloading illegal videos and music to stealing a car a handbag or a television set. I have to say that I never really paid much attention to that little video until now.

I can now say that I know how those in the film and music industry feel about the subject. Basically, a “low-cost” imitator has been found ripping off my work. For us, blogs are a fairly informal communication tool meant to get the “meat and potatoes” details of a good application out there so you can benefit. Harmless enough, right?

Since our “low-cost” imitator can’t seem to muster up an original thought or design for that matter, they had to come knocking and stealing content from my blog last week not even 20 minutes after I posted my blog.

All I can say is you’re welcome. It would have been nice to have been asked to use the content first though.

So, if you want to read some good blogs with decent and original content, keep reading EXAIR’s blog. If you want to read a poor copy 20 minutes later, you can check out the “low-cost” imitation.

Back to the movie theme; if you have ever seen the movie “Multiplicity” with  Doug Kinney, played by Michael Keaton,  who finds he doesn’t have enough time to split between his wife, job and family, until he meets a scientist who offers to clone him. The problem was that each of the “copies” were not as good as the original. Unfortunately, for our imitators, that is what you as the customer will find as well. And with the “low cost” imitator being at least a 3rd  level copy providing “me too” product because they could not do a good enough job providing material for the 2nd level copy, it is everything they can do to buy the business by attempting to be the “low cost” guys.

If having top-notch service from knowledgable Application Engineers with an average of  13 years of experience in this industry and with this specific kind of product is important to you when considering your application needs, please contact us. We will go over your application with you. We’ll share our rich industrial experience and brainstorm with you about the options you have and determine together how best to proceed for your solution.

The low-cost guys battle on price because that is all they can do. They have no depth of experience to have the original thoughts necessary to write a unique blog or be a true asset you to you and your company.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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