Line Vac Replaces Blower Operated Conveyor

I recently received an e-mail from a customer stating that his Blower operated conveying system was not working very well for them and also they were worried about contaminants getting into the product from the blower motor sucking in air close to the floor. After discussing his product and seeing the pictures of the unit shown below, it became clear that this was the perfect application for a Line Vac to replace the Blower Operated System.


I discussed with the customer the bulk density of his unit and the volume he needed to convey along with the size of the existing pipe on the unit.   With the pipe already existing it was determined that placing a unit of similar size would be the easiest method.  The inner diameter of the pipe in the system was 3” so our 3” Aluminum Line Vac was a direct fit for the application.   The amount of material the customer was looking to move was well under the capacity of the Line Vac.  This mean he could conserve even more compressed air and install a pressure regulator that was included with the Line Vac Kit to reduce the flow of the unit to his needs.  The unit when operated at 80 PSIG will consume 68.5 SCFM of compressed air, and be able to pull -14.7“ of water column. 

The unit was easily retrofitted into his existing hopper simply by removing a section of the pipe and installing the Line Vac in line with the product conveyance pipe. 
• The main benefits this customer received by installing our Line Vac were:
• No internal moving parts to wear out or break (bearings, seals, motors)
• The unit does not need any extra space from his existing conveying line.
• The Line Vac doesn’t suck air in off his floor where dirt and debris are to move his product.  This means the risk of contamination is gone. 
• If the need occurs he can increase the flow of his product to far more than the blower system was capable of.

Not only does the customer have minimal preventative maintenance cost now he is also able to convey his product more effectively and efficiently as needed for his production. 
If you have a product you are currently conveying or would like to know more about our Line Vacs feel free to contact us

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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