The Lighter Side of EXAIR

If there’s one thing that makes EXAIR a special place to work, it’s that we really hold true to the mantra “work hard play hard.” Company picnics, cookouts and corn hole games – we take our fun just about as seriously as we take our jobs. Then on causal Fridays it’s a contest to see who can outdo our chief engineer’s outrageous Hawaiian shirt/cowboy boots combination. We are still waiting for him to sport a slide rule suspended from his belt.

Humor is good for the soul and a great release from the pressures of the past work week. So what good is all this to our customers…OUTSANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Playing together as a company fosters teamwork and that is what enables us to provide a quality product, on time, and at a competitive price.

This has been a particularly warm summer and the demand for our Cabinet Cooler systems has been intense. Customers are in a bind and need a solution quickly. As a team, from the manufacturing folks who have to work in the sweltering heat, to the order entry folks that need to expedite the paper work, we have maintained 99.8% on time deliveries.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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