Pick it up or stick it to a wall

So the applications that I am going to share with you come from earlier today.  Both of the applications involved our E-Vac Vacuum Generators being used for similar applications but in completely different industries.


The first gentleman was a construction worker that uses a core drill to drill holes through concrete walls.   He was working on a site using their core drill when all of a sudden the electric vacuum pump that holds the drill to the wall failed because the motor burnt up.   He was looking for something to replace the expensive electric motor and it had a few week lead time as it was not a normally stocked part for anyone he could find in the country.  When he started searching for Vacuum Generators he came across our website and decided to call in. 

The electric vacuum pump that burned up had very similar specifications to our largest E-Vac.  I recommended he take a look at the models 800017 and 810031 which are the largest In-Line E-Vacs that we offer. 

He then began to tell me that they already had an air compressor on site for a jack hammer.  After discussing with him the air consumption of the E-Vac he admitted that he would rather run something off of compressed air that has no internal moving parts and not another electric motor that could fail again and cost them a very expensive repair on the drill not to mention if it was to harm someone.  

The second gentleman called within an hour of the first and explained to me that they are a manufacturing company and have containers that they currently use a blower operated vacuum system to lift from a conveyor belt to a pallet on the floor.  The only problem with the system is that the containers are changing and the new shape of the lid will not allow their current system to work.  

After receiving a dimensioned drawing of his new container and lid I began to calculate and draw the vacuum cup system that would work for his application.   The containers could weigh anywhere from 60 – 100 pounds each.   Also with the shape of the new lid he was not able to lift from the center which would cause an unstable load if you only used one cup.  To further the complexity of the new system he also mentioned they would be running the old containers every now and then too so he needed to be able to lift either style of container.  

The system I designed for him included one 6” round cup that would lift the old containers and fit within the space for the large area on the new container.  Then I added two 2” cups to form a triangle that would allow the customer to lift the new rectangular containers level and safely but if he needed to lift the old container then he wouldn’t even have to switch out cups or lifting equipment at all.  This was achieved by using two Modular E-Vacs, one to power the main 6” cup and the other to power the 2” cups

As you can see our E-Vac Vacuum Generators are used across many fields and industries and sometimes they are even used for evacuation or sample retrieval.   If you have an application that you think might fit within these parameters, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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