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I had a conversation at lunch today about success.  A friend and I were discussing what it means to be successful, pointing out what is truly success and what is merely perceived as success.  There are the relative parameters such as social status, possessions, and community opinion; and then there are deeper definitions like happiness, contentment, and the ability to help others.

After the discussion calmed and I had a moment to think on my own, I considered that for as much as we all have a desire to achieve these things we often fail to pursue them on the grounds that they are too great a task.  In order to achieve what we desire, we have to first make a commitment to the effort required.  This train of thought led me to think about the engineering department I’ve recently joined. 

We share a goal here to provide the best for our clients, something that requires a disciplined approach.  Just like an ocean is filled drop by drop we build our products step by step.  This is a laborious task, but the more I become habituated to the labor involved, the more the struggle to sustain it lessens.  Eventually it will become second nature, but there are no shortcuts.  That is something widely appreciated about the team here at EXAIR; no one is taking shortcuts.  We put in the time and the effort necessary to put out the best product on the market, and it shows.

I believe that’s why EXAIR has been so successful, and not just relatively successful, but deeply successful.  We have people here celebrating 17+ years with the company, a cookout next week organized by our president to show his appreciation for the people who work here, and when people come to us for help, we help them.  Even if you don’t have an EXAIR product we’ll do whatever we can for you and part ways with a plan and hopefully a solution.

Lee Evans,
Application Engineer / International Sales
Twitter: www.twitter.com/exair_le

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