Miles and Miles

A phrase I’ve often heard is “Go the extra mile”.  I’ve heard it so much it’s almost over-played, but the meaning is still relevant.  

Consider this: If you start where you are right now and apply the habit of going the extra mile, you will inevitably be in better and better positions.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, fortunes are seldom acquired overnight, and being your best takes dedication and proper direction. 

Throughout this last week I’ve been involved with several applications that deal with measurements or values that I don’t normally encounter, one of which needed a specific speed of air (in MPH) from our air amplifiers.  Not only was the speed specific, but the distance away from the amplifier was also specific.  This meant that the speed of the air had to be calculated using the diameter of the airflow at the specified distance.  The distance was outside of our empirical data on hand, so I had to go to the test lab.

A quick setup and a few repeatable tests proved worthwhile to determine the values I needed.  Using the test data and the desired speed, I calculated the appropriate airflow needed at the specified distance.  I then determined the amplification ratio necessary to achieve this air volume and provided this information to the customer in form of a necessary model number and a variety of setup options.

It was gratifying to be able to help this customer, and it felt good to provide something that wasn’t expected, but it’s a standard in the engineering department at EXAIR.  We back up our products and we support our customers along the way.  And along the way we’ve found that it’s never crowded along the extra mile.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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