Penny Wise and Pound…Wiser

I’ve always been keenly interested in optimization. Once, I averaged over 30 miles per gallon in a 1986 Chevy Cavalier by drafting semis across the Pennsylvania Turnpike. That was ill advised and dangerous, so I’ll write that off to youthful indiscretion, and just say don’t try this at home. Or anywhere, for that matter. Brian Farno has some much better tips to increase your mileage in a recent blog post.

As a submarine sailor, I learned quickly to optimize space. This was a lesson born of necessity, as the storage space given for personal effects is quite limited, even on a Trident submarine. I try to apply these as much as I can to my current situation, but I’m a pack-rat by nature. Still, I shudder to think how much worse my garage & basement could look, were it not for some simple tips & tricks that I picked up on the boat: Look up (what can you hang from the ceiling?), look down (what will fit under that table?), look around (are you really ever going to use that again?).  That last one can be the hardest – and the most effective, just so you know.

I clip coupons to optimize my grocery money. This is tricky, because you have to only clip coupons for the things you’d buy anyway. You can quickly turn a $200 grocery bill into $100, but if you’d only shopped for what you wanted in the first place, the coupons could have turned a $125 bill into $90.

Maybe this frugality is what fascinates me so much about the opportunities to make product recommendations on a daily basis here at EXAIR. We get a lot of questions about custom length air knives – it seems that not all applications run in 6” increments, like our stock air knives. We can certainly make any length you need, and it’ll work fine. Will it cost more? Sure – any time you’re only making one particular-sized part when you’re set up to make production runs of same-sized parts, it adds to the cost. We can also, however, custom cut a shim for the larger stock air knife, and now, the return on investment from cutting your compressed air consumption from, say 30” of air knife flow to 26”, can be realized in a matter of days, not months.

If you like to explore optimization like I do (and again, not by drafting 18-wheelers), give me a call, and let’s talk about your application.

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    1. He’s been talking about it alot Regina, we swear… And he reminds us that his stuff is valuable but your “stuff”, he questions. Of course he is also aware that much of his stuff may quickly be found in the doghouse. We’re just trying to help.

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