I’ll Help You as Best I Can or I’ll Eat a Bug

Lets just say you are building windshields for one of the major car manufacturers – tons of ’em. In fact “hypothetically” they are your biggest customer and you want to treat them well and keep them happy, you want to keep them as your customer. And you have been able to keep them happy and provide great deliveries, cost reductions, and quality product for many years – Right On windshield manufacturer!

But one day, you woke up in the middle of the night from your cell phone ringing. You answered in a daze but were quickly jolted into reality once you realized it was your biggest customer complaining about quality of your product. In fact, you learn as your customer speaks, during the lamination process of manufacturing the windshield you laminated a bug right on to the glass. And now your huge automotive customer is angry because they found the defect and you didn’t. But to make matters worse they didn’t find it quickly, they found it on a completed car!

They want to know what you’re going to do about it and how fast is it going to get done – for all they know you’re still turning out bug sandwiched windshields. You need a system fast, a system easy to install and a system that will be effective in solving your dilemma. Fortunately for you, in this “hypothetical” situation, EXAIR can deliver just what the doctor ordered. We can supply 72″ Super Air Knives to cover the entire width of your windshield. The plumbing can also be installed by EXAIR so the installation is as fast as possible. AND, even though it is 3:00 pm on Tuesday, we can get it out the door today…What’s that you say, you need a total of four – we can get four out the door tomorrow and ship them overnight.

WHEW! That’s quite a “fictional” situation. It is situations like this where we have opportunities to be alarmingly helpful and solidify our status as the leader in our niche market. Sometimes it not only pays to be the most knowledgable in our industry but just able to get the job done quickly. And we didn’t just get the “hypothetical” purchase order in this situation, we sensed a relieved and satisfied customer who may just spread the word about their experience at EXAIR.

The moral of the story is this: I’m glad I can help a guy who is willing to lay all his cards on the table and let me know the magnitude and details of his problem. We have all found ourselves in similar situations at one time or another and should be more than willing to let other folks help us out. OR the moral may be this: I write my blogs on Tuesday and you may just end up in it, thanks for letting us help.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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