If We Ain’t Got it, You Don’t Need It!

Years ago there was a popular comedic sketch called If We Ain’t Got it You Don’t Need It. Pretty funny stuff for entertainment but extremely frustrating in life. We’ve all been there. You need a part and the sales associate indifferently tells you that they don’t have it.

Let’s examine this situation. When the rep was presented the part, his customer really was not looking for the part, but a solution that it would have solved. Now if the rep had proper customer service training, he would have analyzed its function and suggested a work around or at least another source his customer could explore. In failing to do so, he missed an opportunity to foster a rapport with his customer that would prompt future sales.

Here at EXAIR customer service is our first priority. Focusing first on the customer’s needs is what has made our company so successful. With 50 years of application experience, our engineers have seen it all and are ready to share it with you. Give one of them a call at 1-800-903-9247.

Joe Panfalone
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