As the warmer temperatures and sunshine become a daily staple here in Ohio, I’m pleased to find myself enjoying the weather.  It seems to be the ebb and flow of the weather cycle around here that the summer is just long enough to appreciate the winter, and winter is just long enough to yearn for summer.

This summer I’ve made a commitment to realize the full potential of the outdoors.  I’ve been hiking, have plans to run a mini marathon next weekend, and with my neighbor having just opened his pool I’ll be sure to get in a few laps.  My son is doing a few outdoor activities of his own – sporties for shorties, and pretend camp.

With all the fun in the sun, there comes the possibility of too much sun and too much heat.  For an easy to read blog about our Cabinet Coolers, check out this post by Kirk Edwards.

I’ll try not to get too much sun, but in the meantime, I’ll be working on a tan.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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