Voltron, A Team, All of the Above

Today is the first time the relentless heat has let up in some time for us in Ohio.  As I walked outside this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the temperature and sunshine, and the same thing happened at lunch.  The weather couldn’t be better for a baseball game and I was lucky to win tickets to tonight’s Reds game in one of the raffles around the office.

Thinking of this good fortune spurred a desire to make a “thankful for” list.   A few quick notes and I had over a dozen positive things that have happened since Sunday.  Some are bigger than others, but they all have the same effect, and when focused together create a platform for positive growth.

I like to think of the engineering team at EXAIR in the same way.  We often combine ideas and share thoughts on applications and solutions.  Not every proposed idea is a game-changer, but keeping us all focused on the same goal leads to positive growth as a team and as individual engineers.

No matter the application, we are all available for contact and consultation.  Feel free to give us a call or send an email.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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