On a Side Note

Last week I blogged about a new diet I want to start and my beginning the diet was hinged on determining my blood type.  I contacted the Red Cross in an effort to determine my blood type and do some good at the same time by donating blood.  Still no callback from the Red Cross, so it made me feel a little like this:

This isn’t to downplay the role of the Red Cross, and in all fairness it’s a good thing if their agents are too busy to return my call.  I hope to find an open blood bank and maybe I can have the process wrapped up by the time they free up and get back to me.

Nevertheless, there is a thin line between acceptable, good service and that which is unacceptable.  Everyone has experienced the runaround when calling customer support at one time or another and it doesn’t take much to get them to share their experiences.  On the other hand, an overwhelmingly positive and helpful experience isn’t shared as openly.  But, here at EXAIR we still receive those calls and emails thanking us all for our assistance and dedication to live, efficient, knowledgeable help.

On that note, I dealt with a woman earlier in the week at the ID Theft Help Center who gave me a tremendous amount of help regarding a stolen social security card.  I called the number, spoke to a real person immediately, and to make it even better, the person I spoke to was incredibly well versed in the process and bylaws in the state of Ohio.  Remembering the appreciation we feel when we get an email from a satisfied OEM or end-user we’ve assisted, I sent an email to her boss.

We strive to give this level of service to every one of our customers.  If you need assistance with your application feel free to give us a call.

Lee Evans

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