Another School Year Means Hard Work Ahead

This post may be a little late for some as most schools have already started back for the new year.  My wife’s school starts back on Monday and she is in a new classroom and teaching a new grade this year.  So this meant a good amount of work for me as she had a big idea of what she wanted her new room to look like.

Now when I was in school all the rooms looked the same except the posters on the walls changed.  We never had any rooms that were painted anything other than off-white (maybe it was just dirty white).  Now there are rooms that are painted like a jungle or an ocean to help immerse the students into the learning experience.  Luckily for me my wife is not artistic and she knows I hate painting so she went a little less extreme.

Her deciding factors on the room theme were driven by these bold bulletin boards at one end of the room.  She said all she could think about when she saw them was the circus.  So this year the students in her class will be immersed into the “Greatest Room On Earth” .  The biggest project she had, was to make the wall of windows appear as the entrance to the circus, this meant curtains.  My mother helped her make the curtains and a valance, (I didn’t know what this was until I put it up).  Then my dad and I had the lovely task of figuring out how to hang 30′ worth of curtains.  After a full day of work and only one run to the hardware store we got the final results.   So far some of the kids have seen it and it’s a huge hit.

The only part that didn’t get done was the tight rope.  Now I know what your thinking there’s no way they could pull that off.  The tight rope wasn’t going to be big enough to hold weight but it was going to have a toy on it that would go from one end of the room to the other and also to hold papers.  Maybe we can add that before the end of the year.

The ingenuity that I put into hanging 30 feet of curtains on a wall and ceiling that has no mounting area is the kind of ingenuity all of the Application Engineers here at EXAIR give to your applications every day.  All we need is your big picture and some information and we’ll give you our best idea to make it happen.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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