Are You an Alligator…All Mouth and no Ears?

Having been given the assignment of twittering and blogging, I do a lot of research for topics on the internet. The best that I can describe the experience is noise, noise, noise! The discussions on current events are raucous, loud, and slanted with a political agenda. The results are unproductive noise.

Barker’s for their causes are talking past one another. I call them alligators, as they are all mouth and no ears. It is amazing how simple problems can become so unmanageable. The current most popular topic is JOBS. The government is asking companies to start hiring, companies are asking for less regulations so they can do their job. Is either side listening to the other or are they alligators?

California environmentalists are wanting to mandate electric vehicles. Have they considered how the electricity use to power them with is being generated?  According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration 21.7% is generated by natural gas and 43.6% by coal, two industries that are being assaulted by these same  environmentalists. Is anybody listening or are we all alligators?

Then there is the circus going on in Washington D.C. No further discussion needed, it’s infested with alligators!

In all my years I have not experience such a feverish pitch of unrest. Maybe it was always present but muted by the lack of a venue to express themselves. The internet certainly has presented a platform for anyone with a message with instant distribution and without any vetting . As with any emerging technology, there are caveats.

I don’t have any solutions, just talking, but I am not an alligator so I will be listening for your comments.

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