I Have a Sister in London

I have a sister in London.  A few weeks ago she made a surprise trip and showed up at a dinner to celebrate my birthday.  I felt the love , and, as always, was eager to hear about her recent travels.  Her work takes her all over the world and in addition to being quite cultured, she has become more than proficient at keeping in contact despite the long distances between those with whom she keeps in her thoughts.

Recently, she went on holiday and visited Istanbul.  While there she was in high spirits (definitely *not* inebriated!) and sent me a picture or two of the debauchery.  She also put me in touch with a friend of hers whom I am quickly becoming quite fond of.  As I reflect on the distances involved in these communications, I feel quite fortunate to live in a day and age where Cincinnati-to-Istanbul can be connected in a few seconds through a free app on a smartphone.

The recent resignation of Steve Jobs has prompted a flooding of stories surrounding not only his life, but the birth of personal computing.  As a working engineer and continuing student I’ve read and studied deeply into the internals of microprocessors, TTL devices, and their integration into our lives.  Some reports say that there is more information in a daily print of the New York Times than a person would encounter in their entire life before the Industrial Revolution.  (Side note: I have another sister that will argue the Industrial Revolution is the worst of enemies…  And might even tweet about it from her smartphone – ha!)

In the midst of all this information it can be difficult to discern the important from the monotonous.  In time, I’m sure there will be a Google algorithm to take the thinking out of thinking, but for the moment, we are on our own.  Rifling through a trove of numbers and data is a bear to some but a treasure to others.  Enter the engineering department at EXAIR.

Our department is full of those who are in the latter half of the statement above.  I can only imagine the number of numbers that have passed on the desks of everyone here in what would seem like an endless abyss of projects.  With all this experience and dedication, it’s worth giving us a call.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer



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