Why Wouldn’t I??

I took a call yesterday from a longstanding client of ours who was in need of technical information.  The information she needed initially appeared to be something which we may have easily accessible around the engineering department at EXAIR.  After shuffling through a few binders and trying the traditional methods to gather the information, it became clear that further investigation was necessary.

Feeling the onset of this conclusion, I broached the idea of a follow-up call when I had gathered everything I could find.  This turned out to be a good solution for both of us, and we chose to do so.

As it turns out, the information our client was after had nothing to do with the particular product line in which she showed interest.  There were two certification standards to which she had been asked to adhere, one of which dealt with electro-technology (a bit more advanced electro-technology), and the other with a civil engineering code.

We are adamant that the engineering department at EXAIR will assist our customer base in any way we can.  It felt great to hold true to that one more time.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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