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I read through a lengthy article earlier this week about a teenager who built a nuclear breeder reactor in his backyard.  (I tweeted it to follow application engineer and sailor/known boy scout enthusiast, Russ Bowman)  The story was well told, well written, and extremely captivating.  One of the most notable components of the story was the determination of the protagonist.  The story of a young man with an ambitious goal, and enthusiasm to match was quite inspiring.  Although I have no intention of building a nuclear reactor in my backyard (need that space for the giant trampoline!), I do have other goals that in comparison seem quite attainable.

As I compared some of my more stagnant aspirations to those told in this story, I felt a deep frustration with myself in not having done more to move them forward.

Move forward three days and I’m still of the same school of thought.  Thinking “I need to do that” rather than having a tactile plan for achievement.  This reflection has prompted a few more tangent thoughts.  One, I’ve considered whether I really want to do what I’ve been putting off; and two, (once the aforementioned question is answered with a yes) how do I go about moving forward.

I have and always will be a list oriented person.  Making a list means things get done, I think I’ve touched on this in previous posts.  The downfall to this method is I often end up with too many lists or more frequently, a list too large.  So, a revision was needed.  I’ve made amendments to my process and in the end have devoted myself to one task per day.  I’ve given myself the duty of doing one thing in a positive, forward direction, however small to keep myself on track.

If you need help moving your application in a positive direction or need engineering assistance from EXAIR, please feel free to call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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