Thank you! To all Veterans.

Today we celebrate Veterans Day.  This is the day when we should all give thanks to the more than 24 million men and women who have served and are currently serving in the United States Military. It is because of these men and women that we live our lives the way we do in America, FREE!

I have several family members and close friends that were and still are in the military.  My Papaw, Grandfather on my mother’s side, was an ambulance driver in World War II with the Army Air Corps.  He would drive an ambulance back and forth from the front lines to the LZs to help rescue wounded soldiers.  He never spoke much about the war other than the fact that my Mamaw would ride the trains that would transport all the soldiers while they were in the states.

My Uncle Jimmy, one of my mom’s brothers, was in the Air Force during Vietnam.  He would always share stories with me whenever I would ask about his time in the Air Force.  While in Vietnam he was assigned to a plane which brought back the bodies of the fallen.  He would always say this was the hardest because there were bags that you could tell barely had more than a set of dog tags in them.

Two of my cousins, James Dunn III, and David Dunn, are both active military, one is in the Air Force and is currently on deployment.  David is in the Army and is 10% through his current deployment.  All I can say is that I hope they come home safe.

So throughout the day make sure you give thanks to those that have served and are still serving.  Without them our way of life would not be possible.

Brian Farno

Application Engineer


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