Tis the Season For Static

We are approaching the dry winter season and with it the problems of static electricity. At our house, we have a sofa with a synthetic fabric covering that is absolutely horrendous for generating static electricity. After a couple of jolts, the dog no longer comes around us when we are sitting on that couch.

Seeing the dog’s hair stand on end is humorous but in manufacturing it can be devastating. Here is a very well produced video  put out by the Chemical Safety Board. It demonstrates how a chemical distributor did everything right but something as innocuous as a hinge caused a devastating fire.

The harmful effects of static electricity are not confined to flammable liquids, in the production process they can affect vision systems, impair packaging, transfer systems, and electronics assembly just to mention a few.

EXAIR has a complete line of static eliminators that can help you control static electricity in your operation. Give one of our application engineers a call at 1-800-903-9247 and they will help you choose the most appropriate product. Then EXAIR provides a 30 day evaluation period. Should within that time you are not satisfied you can return it for full credit.

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