Is there a nozzle for that? You bet there is!

As an Application Engineer here at EXAIR we receive inquiries via e mail, live chat, phone, even Twitter.  No matter the method the result is always the same, an honest recommendation for a solution to your compressed air application. This means we have to know the abilities of all EXAIR products.  This is a list that spans 16 product lines and the one I would like to focus on today is the Air Nozzle and Jet category.

In the Air Nozzle and Jet section of our catalog we stock 59 different Air Nozzles and Jets.  This includes four different materials and threads ranging from 4mm x 0.75 to 1-1/4″ NPT.  The force range is anywhere from 2 ozs. of force at 80 PSIG all the way up to 23 pounds of force at 80 PSIG.  This means we have a nozzle that will blow anything from a grain of rice to a  pipe wrench across the floor.

The best thing about our Engineered Super Air Nozzles is they are so versatile, they can be used on an open pipe to reduce air consumption, noise while increasing safety; clamped on with a compression fitting to a copper pipe, used with our stay set hoses, our swivel fittings, or even attached to an existing or brand new safety air gun.

When an 1102 Mini Super Air Nozzle was used to replace a 1/8th” NPT open pipe a savings of $1,872.00 USD was achieved in one year.  This is from just a single nozzle that is about the size of a small thimble.  That is less than a one week return on investment for this nozzle.

So if you have an open pipe blow off or use commercial air guns in your facility, give us a call and let us see how much compressed air and money you can save.   (Plus it will give the Professor something to get all giddy about!)

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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