Expect Victory

A few months ago I wrote a blog about a friendly competition with a coworker.  We are both trying to become healthier, and have set a goal to reach a certain weight by the end of the year.  As the end of the year approaches the weigh-ins are becoming more frequent and at the moment I’m pleased to have a slight lead.  Over the past few months I’ve made changes to my diet and workout regimen, but I’ve reached plateau for the last few weeks.

In all honesty, the leveling out of my progress is without a doubt due to my dwindling enthusiasm, but with the competition end close in sight I’ve been revived!  I’ve jumped back into the project with full enthusiasm, but still, my gains have been slow.  As I began to feel this pending stagnation creeping up on me, I thought of ways in which I could increase my performance.  Some of the ideas have been productive, some haven’t.  Ultimately, I reached a point where a more expert opinion was needed, so I reached out to a nutritionist and personal trainer I know.

As we discussed my situation, the insight and knowledge that was shared with me was incredible.  The education of both parties and the experiences they shared with me have given me new confidence and a new approach to my aspirations.

As I continue on my personal fitness path I relate my experience to the applications we deal with at EXAIR.  When a manufacturing facility is trying to strengthen their production line efficiency or needs to slim down the number of rejected parts, we offer the educated and experienced advice and guidance.  The application engineering department at EXAIR – personal trainers for manufacturers.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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