The Return (or Lack Thereof) of The Better Mousetrap

You may know that EXAIR offers a 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee on all of our catalog products. It’s pretty simple: we let you test-drive one of our Intelligent Compressed Air Products for a month…if it works for you, keep it. In fact, buy more; tell your friends; and most importantly (and seriously) call us if we can help further. If it doesn’t work like you wanted, call us, and we’ll take it back. It really is just that easy.

I was researching some information on our Chip Trapper yesterday, and found more than I was looking for. If you’re not familiar with it, the EXAIR Chip Trapper filters chips (and swarf, shavings, etc.) from a machine’s coolant or oil sump. This video shows how it works:

The Chip Trapper won Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Award when it was introduced in 2009. In 2010, it was a finalist in the Golden Mousetrap “Best New Products” Awards.  And the hits keep on coming: the recently introduced 110-Gallon version got Environmental Protection Magazine’s “2011 New Product of the Year” Award, just last month.  Perhaps the best-kept secret is that it’s available in a 30-Gallon size as well.  That one hasn’t been singled out for an award…yet.  The results are in; the Chip Trapper has proven itself to be a popular addition to our Industrial Housekeeping Products line.

What got my attention during my research, though, was how seldom Chip Trappers get returned. Based on that evidence and feedback from our customers, the Chip Trapper is doing what we say it will do and clearly creating happy customers. To me, that was just as impressive as the accolades it’s received from The Authorities. Maybe even more so.

If you’re one of the multitude that’s using a Chip Trapper successfully, we’d like to hear from you. What (if anything) were you using before? How has the Chip Trapper improved your operation? Are you saving money on coolant? Are you spending less time on maintenance, and more on machine operation? Or are you just shirking your responsibilities and waiting for someone else to ship it back? I hope that’s not the case…as great as the Chip Trapper is for coolant filtration, it’s a lousy paperweight.  Whatever the case, though, if you have a Chip Trapper success story, we’re all ears.  Thanks in advance!

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