Pride in Your Work

Two of my kids are participating in a puppet program. They learn puppet technique and behavior (which, oddly enough resembles their own behavior) as well as having the opportunity to create props and have input on the show itself. They are certainly having fun with it and if I’m lucky, these budding young performance artists will have a future like this…

Awesome Performance Art Video

I had the chance to see their first performance over the weekend. One Edwards child was the soldier who held the flag steady. Another of my kids was in control of one of the three soldiers who saluted the flag. Let me just say – that flag was as steady as can be and my other kids’ soldier clearly had the best salute of any of the others. Noticeably, I was concentrating upon my kids, they are after all part of my work  – I was taking pride in my work to a certain extent.

Sure, I looked at some of the other puppets, but I wanted to make sure I noticed something specific about the puppets my kids were controlling, so I could compliment them on it. So I happened to notice that the salute my daughter was giving to the flag had a perfect pause on the brow with a sharp snap forward upon saluting. I also noticed the unwavering flag being held for the soldiers to salute. That flag was held with the firmest of foundations by my son, and that is what I complimented them on.

Similar things happen within companies. We concentrate on our own stuff, we recognize the details within the smaller picture and take pride in what we produce. It’s the natural way for things to go. In taking pride in our work and concentrating on the details we begin to differentiate ourselves as experts.

EXAIR, for one, prefers experts – companies whose people can provide us their accumulated  knowledge and expertise in areas outside of pneumatics. We, in  turn, take pride in providing our expertise about pneumatics to customers busy concentrating on their own trades. So we urge you to take pride in your work, we’re counting on you.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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