Super Air Knife Deflects Debris Away From Laser Lens

Our Super Air Knife is used for a lot of different kinds of applications. One application which does come up every once in a while that you may not hear much about is for protecting lenses of cameras and lasers. Many processes are monitored visually by a camera inspection system or perhaps by a laser measuring system to ensure compliance and accuracy in an application.

One such application was for keeping clean (read deflecting) debris away from a laser cleaning head lens. Our customer provides a variety of “cleaning services” which include sand blasting, dry ice blasting and laser cleaning of various materials. In this case, the cleaning process produced debris which flew up and stuck to the laser lens area. The customer wanted to eliminate this problem and found EXAIR Corporation. Specifically, they found our 6″ Aluminum Super Air Knife. They mounted the Super Air Knife onto the laser head assembly as shown in the diagram below.

The Super Air Knife provided a continuous curtain of air blowing down across the lens area to deflect away any small particles or debris. With the Super Air Knife in position, the customer was able to keep using the laser without having to stop to clean the lens area and experienced a significant increase in productivity with the tooling.

Again, this is just one small example of how the compact nature of the Super Air Knife allows for easy installation onto a moving head like this one. Also, with compressed air as the utility, piping the needed airflow to the Super Air Knife was quick and easy through simple hose and fittings.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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