Eliminate the Paradox

I recently discovered that you can purchase caffeinated marshmallows branded identically to the Stay Puft marshmallow man in Ghostbusters.  Who knew??

In the current marketplace there seems to be one of everything for everyone. There are so many products to choose from in any market that instead of making a decision and feeling good about it, we can become overwhelmed and paralyzed by the number of possible choices.  And, conversely to what you would expect, the large number of choices leads to less satisfaction when a choice is actually made.  Quite the paradox.  There are so many possibilities that second guessing the purchase is almost guaranteed if you aren’t an expert in the particular field.

Fortunately, when the decision is manufacturing or production related, the engineering department at EXAIR has it covered.  We dedicate ourselves to leading our industry through knowledge of the marketplace, continual product expansion and innovation, technical training, and experience.  We’re pleased to have won a new award and stand poised to possibly usher in a few more.  (See them here and here.)

Industrial manufacturing is the pulse of our application engineers.  Need a lifeline?  Give us a call – we’ll help you make the right choice without second guessing.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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