BACK!!!…to the woodpile?

I have been called many things in my life.  I’ll spare you the playground names I had as a kid, but let’s just say in my adult life, it’s mostly been centered around my ‘thrifty’ nature.  Okay, so I’m cheap.  At least when it comes to things around the house.  For example, if my boys were to say “Hey dad, we’re cold!” my most likely response would be “Oh yeah? I’ll bet carrying in some more firewood will warm you up” (a wood burning stove is just one of my miserly habits).

But it’s funny what the mind can justify.  For a guy who’s unwilling to turn up his thermostat 2 degrees, I’ll all too quickly reason why it is I need to spend $2400 on a new laptop with the latest processor, 8 GB of DDR Ram and a 750 GB hard drive (mmm….Gigabytes…).  How can I do so?  Easy – I’m an engineer and that’s a tool I could use to do my job more efficiently.  Okay, so I don’t really need all that processing power in laptop form, but hey, it’s like Doc Brown said, if you’re going to build a time machine (or whatever tools you need in your trade), might as well do it with some style…

You’ll be glad to know that’s how we feel when we design our products as well.  Okay, maybe they’re not exactly what you call works of art (although I personally feel our new atomizing nozzles are quite beautiful), but certainly in terms of sparing no expense to make sure our products help you do your job more efficiently.  And we back up our compressed air saving products, by providing the tools you need to measure your process.

And it doesn’t stop at efficiency.  If you find yourself in need of an air knife, but find out your current supplier will need 3 weeks to get it to you, that’s not a very efficient process, is it?  That’s why we carry our Super Air Knife in 4 different materials in lengths from 3 to 54” ON THE SHELF.  Now, I’m not one to brag, but I certainly take pride in knowing that 99.9% of all our shipments go out the door on time.  And it doesn’t take an engineer to tell you that’s pretty hard to beat.  Oh, and by the way, we take our product quality very seriously too.  That’s why every single one of those knives has gone through inspection and testing before it’s placed in stock.

So, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to get back work on some beautiful new designs (if I do say so myself) and dreaming of my new laptop.  Until then, keep those home fires burning.

Dan Preston

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