A Straight Forward Vortex Tube Cooling Application

As the title suggests, I wish to quickly visit a simple and effective cooling application with you. The customer builds custom test fixtures to test any electronic circuit board and components prior to final assembly of the board into whatever it will be used in. Their requirement is to cool an IC processor chip that would normally have a heat sink and a fan to cool them once fully assembled. During board level test the heat sink and fan are not there, so to keep it cool they want to use a Vortex Tube cooler. Physically, the test parts will range in size from 2.25″ square to 1.125″ square with a height of around .156″.

How a Vortex Tube Works

I recommended the customer incorporate our Model 5215 Cold Gun System into their test fixture to provide the necessary cooling. The reason for recommending this model over a plain vortex tube is that it is supplied with all the necessary heat shielding and sound muffling accessories anyone using a vortex cooler would want for ease of use. Besides these features, the Cold Gun comes with a magnetic base to mount the unit and also flexible tubing to allow for aiming of the cold air flow precisely where it is needed.

The customer incorporated the Cold Gun into their test rig and found it to be quite useful and fast at cooling the target.

That, my friends, is a straight forward Vortex Tube cooling application.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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