Tamam.. Tamam..

“Tamam” is Turkish for ”Good” or “Okay”, and during a recent trip to Turkey I heard (and used) the word quite frequently.  Ivan Banks and I made the jump over the pond (and then some) to visit with distributors and hold product training.

As expected, the training was in depth and technical with a variety of application questions.  At times we would discuss application details using charts and catalog data, and other times we would review based on the experience of the engineers and salespeople around the table.  I’m pleased to say that the training was a success and the rapport built with our overseas colleagues is something priceless to EXAIR.

We spend a great deal of time showcasing our technical prowess and following through with our commitment to engineering and design improvement.  And, we are pleased to spend a good deal of time focusing on relationships as well.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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