Worm Power

As an application engineer for a product that is applicable to a diverse range of industries, every once in a while we come across a novel application for one of our products. One such application was with a customer that made and marketed worm castings. What are worm castings? It is the excrement after the worms eat a mixture of garbage and other biodegradable materials.

Click on the picture to watch a video from the History channel that shows a commercial casting farm.

My customer was on a much smaller scale and did not have the assets of a large-scale casting farm. He needed a way to transfer the castings from the fermentation bin into super sacks to be delivered to nurseries. I suggested one of our 3″ air operated conveyors model #6086. This was an inexpensive alternative to augers that had a propensity to jam. Click the picture to watch the EXAIR

Line Vac in motion.

Do you have a conveying application? Give one of our application engineers a call and they will go over your application with you and make their recommendations. Then EXAIR will give you a 30 day evaluation on whatever you order out. Should for any reason you are not satisfied you can return it for full credit.

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