The Fishing Hole

Joe Panfalone wrote a great blog yesterday about worms…and Line Vac’s.  It was timely, because I’m about to keep company with some worms.

It looks like I’m going fishing. I’ve been fishing a handful of times in my life, and it’s always been at the invitation of a friend who enjoys the activity. My decision to go, then, has always been more influenced by my desire to spend time with them than my desire to drown worms…again, I haven’t been fishing a lot, but I’ve been enough to know why they call it “fishing” instead of “catching.”

This time, it’s no different. See, our Cub Scout Pack Committee decided to replace our Raingutter Regatta with a Fishing Derby. So, last Saturday morning, my youngest and I put a few sodas and a big bag of chips in a cooler, got the cheapest rods & reels we could find, and set out for Lake Marge Schott at Camp Friedlander. Most everyone caught (and released) a bluegill or a sunfish, and a good time was had by all. Especially, it seems, my son – he’s caught the fishing bug.

I’m actually looking forward to this – not necessarily the fishing part, although I’m keeping an open mind to the possibility that it’ll grow on me – but it’s one more chance to form a stronger bond with someone who’s important in my life. And who knows? We may start by walking over to the neighborhood catch-and-release pond, and we might end up on the open ocean, reeling in swordfish someday. We’ll see. Regardless, we’re going to have good conversation and good fun doing it. Meanwhile, I just can’t get this out of my head…

If you’d like to talk fishing, worms, or Line Vac’s – give me a call!

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