Line Vac Testing

I received a video from a customer this morning showing a process in need of EXAIR assistance.  The process involves bulk transfer of material in one of their plants.  They are currently using an auger setup that is no longer able to keep up with production needs.  Their plan is to install an EXAIR Line Vac to assist the auger with material transfer.

In this particular application, the customer will benefit significantly from knowledge gained by testing the material through an EXAIR Line Vac.  They have used a unit currently in house and would like information regarding a flow rate through another Line Vac of different diameter.  I offered to test the material at our facility, and I expect the material to arrive shortly.  Many times it is a better option is to take advantage of EXAIR’s 30 day unconditional trial in order to test the product in the actual production environment.  In this case I will test the material in house.

This type of approach is often necessary to determine the best direction in which to move forward.  If the wrong direction is chosen and resources are committed to the endeavor, the application will simply get to an undesired result more quickly.  At EXAIR, we strive to give accurate and true application assistance to all of our customers.  This, in turn, helps to provide them with a better end product.

As the business of this end user has grown, our customer has become well versed in solving production line changes and responding to increased output demands.  These projects requiring high reliability have done nothing but help the relationship between our two companies.  EXAIR has built its name based on reliable products and service with pride.

If you have an application in need of EXAIR assistance, please call an application engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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