EXAIR Saves Compressed Air Yet Again!!

That’s right, we’ve been at it again this week.  Another customer has sent in their current compressed air blow off device and we have managed to save not only the money in their wallet but also we were able to stop that ringing in their ears.

This customer was using a commercially available “Safety Air Gun” with a cross drilled tip on the end of a 36″ extension pipe.  Their operators are using this gun to blow metal chips off a metal cutting CNC router.  The table is 8 feet wide and 10 feet long.

The existing gun is working well but they say it is extremely loud and they need to get the noise level down.  After sending the gun through the EXAIR Efficiency Lab we found that the customer wasn’t joking, this nozzle was measuring 105 dBA from 3 feet away.  The unit was also consuming 41 SCFM when operated at 80 PSIG inlet pressure.  This volume of air was then giving the operator 1.72 lbs. of force to use for blow off.

This is a prime example where the customer is using more air than needed to get the job done.  To blow metal chips off a table, they don’t truly need 1.72 lbs of force.  I recommended they go with an Engineered Solution,  model 1250-36 Soft Grip Safety Air Gun w/ 1104 Super Air Nozzle.  This is going to use 35 SCFM which will save them 6 SCFM per gun as well as giving them 1.875 lbs. of force which is still more than what is needed to remove the chips.   The best part is the gun is only 82 dBA from 3 feet away.   That is a large noise level reduction, especially when you stack the noise reduction along with saving 6SCFM per gun replaced.

If we can save this customer from having to invest in hearing aids and keep a little more air in their compressor tank, then just think about all the compressed air uses in your facility and how much we might be able to help you.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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