Are You Really Green?

I have a friend who is a “green” zealot. I am frugal and have always been conscious of saving money and resources. In today’s language, that makes me “green” too. We have had frequent heated discourses on which of us is truly green.

This is a person that returns their plastic shopping bags for recycling but then criticizes me for washing and reusing my zip loc bags.

So who is more “green“?

My friend goes out to lunch I carry mine. Do you realize how much trash is generated with take out or eat in food! My food is packed in my recycled zip loc bags. No trash.

So who is more “green“?

In the summer I close the shades on the east side in the morning and on the west side in the afternoon to block the heat of the sun. In the winter it is reversed to capture the heat of the sun. My friend enjoys a sunny and bright living space so their shades are always open.

So who is more “green“?

When driving I pace my speed to stay in line with traffic. My friend will pull up  close to the car ahead, put on the brakes, fall back then accelerate only to brake again. I get there in the same amount of time, save on brake wear, and use less gas.

So who is more “green“?

Working for a company whose core business is compressed air energy conservation, I am zeroed in on sustainability. In the course of our daily lives we will have some impact on the environment. It is a matter of minimizing it. A successful sustainability program looks at the overall picture and is the sum total of all the components.

Compressed air is valuable energy source for industry. We should use it wisely. It does little for the overall picture to implement an energy conservation program only to negate your efforts with open and drilled pipe. Using EXAIR engineered nozzles will get you equal or better performance using less air.

EXAIR will celebrate 30 years of business next year. They, too, began with a mission to help conserve resources save customer’s money, which in today’s language makes them “green” as well.

Not only am I naturally “green” so is my employer. So once again, I say to my friend – who is more “green“?

I am an application engineer. I would appreciate the opportunity to help you with your compressed air conservation program. I can be reached at l 1-800-903-9247

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