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Recently I got my twitter account hacked as did thousands of others. The solution was just to change my password but I got to thinking, there has to be a better way. On my home computer I have a password generating program that will generate random number, letter, and symbol sequences and stores them in an encrypted file. For even more protection I store this file on a flash drive not my computer.

This works for home use because the program is loaded on the machine I am working with. Policy restrictions at work though, prevent loading personal programs and rightfully so. So what is my alternative to generating a random code that I can remember? I pick a phrase that I can remember and use the first letter of each word. For example:

This Is My Password for Facebook = TIMPF

This in itself is not very strong so I add some characters using the Alt key and number pad. Holding down the alt key and pressing the number 1 you get a☺. For the number 2 you get ☻and etc. So now  I pick a number sequence I can remember like the year I was born , 1948 which translates into ☺○♦◘. Now interlace the two, TIMPF. Here is a website where you can test the strength of your password

EXAIR goes through painstaking measures to protect your information.

  • When you register on our website your password is not retrievable except by you and only to the mailbox you originally signed in.
  • Credit card information is destroyed and not available to employees.
  • EXAIR absolutely does not share your information with anyone else. So you need not worry about getting on some junk mail lists.

EXAIR is about serving the needs of its customers. Cyber security is just one of a list of many.

I am an application engineer and would truly appreciate assisting you with your application.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
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