I Feel Sorry For My Daughters

Recently I have started to tinker with an Arduino.  The Arduino is an open sourced micro controller that you can either make yourself or pick up at an electronics store.  This controller can then be programmed and wired to do anything from blink an LED to control a 3D printer like the Maker Bot   The main thing is that if you find a project that someone has made with an Arduino, chances are they are more than willing to share how it is done for free.

What turned me on to the whole micro controller and open source structure is my background with electronics and mechanical design, and the fact that everyone wants to share and find ways to build bigger and better projects.  There is nothing cooler to me than watching a YouTube video that someone uploaded of this robot they built from scrap electronics, or a dorm room that has been automated by a college student or even a dad that helped his daughter make an automated diorama for her book report.

While I am a firm believer that the children need to do their own projects, much like the creator of this video, if they need help with cutting or implementing a certain part I have no problem helping.  I won’t be doing my daughter’s projects for her, but if she asks me for help I’ll be happier than a slinky on an escalator.  I’m sure this will also lead to plenty of embarrassment when she reaches those teenage years but for now I can at least hope she’ll ask for help or want to work on my projects with me.

This brings me back to my career here with EXAIR.  As an Application Engineer, I get to help people expand, implement, troubleshoot, and better their compressed air projects every day, it’s what we do and we all enjoy doing it.

So if you have a question or need some help figuring out how to increase the efficiency in your system give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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