It’s Your Birthday…It’s Your Birthday

In an earlier post, I spoke about how I like my job and the people I work with. Here is a prime example of why I feel that way. As a father I’ve always enjoyed celebrating the kid’s and wife’s birthdays. But for me, my birthday is more or less just another day. No big deal.joebd2013

I turned 65 this week and had the most exceptional and memorable birthday ever. I was completely overwhelmed by all the attention I was given by my co-workers. The entire company took time out to present me with a birthday cake and sang a revised version of happy birthday strummed on the guitar by our lead engineer, and yes, everything they say about engineers is true.

The highlight of the day was the gifts they gave me. My hobby requires the use of lead which is hard to come by these days. Each employee presented me with a bag of scrap lead. AWESOME!

The adrenalin hardly subsided when they invited me out to dinner after work. Being of Italian descent, they took me to a nice Italian restaurant.


As if the gifts of lead were not enough, they presented me with a range bag with my name and company logo embroidered on it. It will be a life long reminder of a super group of people that collectively make a company.

I had a college professor once tell me that happy employees produce astounding results. The work environment at EXAIR is a happy one, which is why I was astounded on my birthday…

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