Chip Weld on a Hobbing Machine

Most of the time, EXAIR Application Engineers solve customer problems via email, photos/videos, and phone conversations.  But, recently Neal Raker and I made a non-typical visit to an end user just down the road to examine their setup and see how we could help.

What was shown to us was a series of hobbing machines cutting teeth into various gears similar to the video above.  These gears go on to become components of larger systems and must pass quality control checks.  The difficulty with the hobbing application is that the nature of the cut and the setup of the machine led to chip weld on the gears.  These small imperfections halt production, destroy productivity, and have a tremendous cost.

Using the knowledge gained and photos provided by the end user, Neal and I were able to recommend a series of Super Air Nozzles, and an Air Amplifier to remedy the solution.  Application photos and a full-on case study are in the works pending the successful remedy to the problem.  We’re confident in our product and solution, so be on the lookout for more details in a future blog.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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