Summer Static

As we head into the warmer months, I’ve been taking more calls and receiving more emails about Cabinet Coolers.  This is welcomed, just like questions about static control when temperature and humidity drop during colder months.  Nevertheless, static can still be a problem, as seen in the photo below.

summer static

This photo is from an end user transferring a fine powder for packaging.  The outlet side of the machine has a static control system present, but between this regulation and the pickup point, there is a section of plastic hose which insulates the two halves of the system.

We approach static control in one of two ways – either with or without the addition of compressed air.  A system which incorporates compressed air (at a very low pressure as to not disturb the process) will likely have a greater effect on the static.  A system which doesn’t incorporate compressed air will be effective, but has a limited range and will need to be installed close (within 1-2”) of the static source.

For this application, I recommended our Stay Set Ion Air Jet system, model 7294-9362.  Aimed toward the pickup point at a low pressure, the ionized air will eliminate the static and the flexible Stay Set Hose allows for the output airflow to be positioned to the perfect angle.

For application questions or advice, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer


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