Back to School in June

This month I returned to EXAIR, after a three year hiatus. I had originally worked at EXAIR as a student, while I was attending the University of Cincinnati as part of a co-op program, so I thought I would be well versed in EXAIR’S products. EXAIR already had air knives, air nozzles, vortex tubes, Cabinet Cooler systems, Static Eliminators, vacuum generators, air operated conveyors, and so on. What else could they add to utilize compressed air?

Well, as our regular readers will be quick to point out, I was sorely mistaken – EXAIR has added and changed many things. Not only did they re-imagine, improve, or add to existing product lines with products such as the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac, Chip Shields, and the 1” Flat air nozzle but they have added whole new products lines like the Atomizing Spray Nozzle, which use liquid and compressed air to form a mist of liquid for precisely tuned applications. All models of nozzles are made from stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The nozzles are completely adjustable by changing the ratio of air pressure and liquid pressure, or the liquid can be fed by gravity or siphoned using the compressed air. The nozzles use two different mixing methods: internal or external. There is also the choice of models which use a pressurized liquid source or siphon fed nozzles for a non-pressurized liquid. Each mixing methods supports several patterns and liquid flows rates. This wide range of products and adjustability give EXAIR the ability to help with thousands of applications, but I felt a little like Billy in the following clip.

Except my dad couldn’t drive me to school in the Lincoln Town Car. Our car always looked more like the O’Doyles.


Have a good weekend,

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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