Dog Days of Summer

Conventional conjecture is that the term Dog Days of summer has some sort of reference to our canine friends.  Actually the term came from ancient Rome, named after the star Sirius, the Dog Star, which is the brightest star besides the sun. Romans speculated that due to the rising and setting of Sirius at around the same time of the sun each day this time of year, that Sirius added it’s heat to the sun’s heat, thereby making the days hotter. Hence the term Dogs Days.

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This summer got off to a slow comfortable start but has since rolled in with a vengeance as temperatures have reached the triple digits! The extreme heat definitely presents a hardship, especially on computerized equipment. Although electronics are generally designed for environments of 104 degrees F, trying to cool a panel full of heat generating electronics with a fan pulling in triple digit air is not going to get the job done.


EXAIR provides a solution.   A simple device, operated with compressed air, and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. These Cabinet Cooler systems come in NEMA 12, NEMA 4, and NEMA 4x ratings in cooling capacities ranging from 550 Btu/Hr. up to 2800 btu/hr. and for very heavy heat loads they are available in a  dual cooler configuration up to 5600 Btu/Hr.

Don’t know how much cooling you need? EXAIR has a staff of engineer that will help you with that. Just give them a call at 1-800-903-9247.


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