What I’ve Learned About The Emperor’s New Suit, from Foodies

I’m on vacation. But I had a revelation; an epiphany; that unfolded over the course of the last week that I just couldn’t wait to share, so, here goes my regularly scheduled Wednesday blog:

Last weekend, my youngest son was away on a school trip, so my wife and I took his older brother, a bona fide Teen Ager, out to dinner at a “grown up” type joint. We went to a place that was featured on a nationally televised show on a cable network devoted to “Foodies,” who I believe used to be called “Gourmets,” and, on a side note, I really really (really) don’t understand why they decided…or allowed…that change to take place.

Anyway, the local Foodies all rave about this place, especially their burgers. Since our “guest” that evening was the quintessential American Teen Male, who, of course, could live off burgers and fries, we thought this was a great chance to guarantee success via a known quantity (e.g. the fare), and broaden his horizons (e.g. the atmosphere). We were wrong on both counts.

Despite the hype, I had to throw the “Emperor’s New Suit” flag on the place. Both of our burgers (my wife had the fish, which, in all fairness, she said was OK) were raw in the middle, and charred on the outside. I’m no foodie (or gourmet, for that matter,) but there’s no way I would have served that mess at a neighborhood cookout, much less try to charge someone money for it.

Additionally, we had to wait over 40 minutes for a table…we were told it would be ½ hour; probably less. While we were waiting, though, we saw a quartet get seated 5 minutes after arrival, because a table for four magically opened up, and they were all about efficiency, regardless of the fact that the 4-person table would have accommodated our threesome a LOT better than the 2-person table we were eventually seated. So, now my son thinks that grown-ups pay a premium to eat amateurishly cooked food at cramped little tables, where they’re seated at the whimsy of a careless staff. Needless to say, we won’t be back, but don’t cry for their business…there seem to be plenty of “Foodies” that think the Emperor’s New Suit looks just fine, thank you very much.

Fast forward to Monday night: My wife and I were looking for a place to eat in a new town for both of us. Along the strip of restaurants in the “Market District,” there was a popular franchised eatery, known for their displays of musical memorabilia. I was a little skeptical of going to a place based on the ravings of the popular crowd, so we didn’t go there Monday. And I’m disappointed, because we DID go there last night, and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD…service AND food. Sometimes, the masses get it right, perhaps, in spite of themselves.

While food preferences are largely subjective, our industry is decidedly not. There are numerous areas in which we can absolutely quantify the benefits of using EXAIR Engineered Compressed Air Products: air consumption, sound levels, force applied, etc. And we tell the truth about these values, because selling Fool’s Gold isn’t good for anyone. So, if you have questions about our products and/or your application, we’ll answer them with as many facts and figures as we can. We can even fill in the blanks with some knowledge of similar experiences. At the end of the day, if it “looks good on paper,” our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee means you’re free to find out how well it works, risk free…if it doesn’t, we’ll arrange return for full credit; easy as that.

Now that the sun (and my wife) are up, I’m going to rejoin my regularly scheduled vacation, already in progress. Thanks for reading…I’m feeling much better now.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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