Do You Know What Time Of The Year It Is?

Do You Know What Time Of The Year It Is? No not thanksgiving. No not Christmas. It’s static electricity season.

As temperatures drop and we heat our buildings we dry out the air. Low humidity air is less conductive so its ability to drain off static charges is lessened. Also we don soft fluffy warm clothing made of synthetic fibers. As we move about and rub against surfaces, we generate a static charge.

Most of the time we just experience an annoying jolt. But in this video, we see that a static discharge can be extremely dangerous. Notice the girl has on a sweater. as she gets in and out of her car she is sliding across the seat generating a healthy static charge. The results could have been catastrophic if it had not been for her level headed response.

Static electricity In the manufacturing sector can pose serious problems as well. Static charges can affect instrumentation, jam up parts feeders, attract dust and debris.

EXAIR  has a complete line of static eliminators to fit most any application.

Feel welcomed to call our application engineers who will be happy to assist you in picking out the right product for your application.

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