Old & Worn Out

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to help a dear friend with a weekend project. Being in his late 70’s it was a little more strenuous than what he was capable of. Then, me being in my mid 60’s, I found out that I was not the man I used to be. It’s very disappointing that as we age our physical endurance diminishes. I have always done my own work and now find myself needing assistance as did my more elderly friend. Very hard to accept and cope with.Drum Vac

Except for wine and cheese, products we use deteriorate with age. Not the EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac though. With no moving parts and operating on compressed air, they will vacuum fluids indefinitely.

With the turn of a knob, the compressed air powered Reversible Drum Vac will fill or empty a 55 – gallon drum in 90 seconds. Coolant sumps can be easily refilled, floor spills vacuumed, or contaminated liquids transferred.

Would you like to learn more about this awesome tireless product? Call 1-800-903-9247 and ask to speak to an application engineer.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
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