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When you walk outside, do you feel like life itself is being pulled right from you due to the heat and humidity? Normal chores become increasingly difficult to perform as you feel the need to take frequent breaks to try and recover? Sometimes it just becomes too much to handle and you finally give in and succumb to the conditions. Needing some type of relief, you run back into the air conditioning or sit in front of a fan to cool off.

“It’s so hot you could literally fry an egg”

While the higher temps can cause nuisances at home, they can be extremely problematic when dealing with the sensitive electrical components in your control panel. Already under a high demand to keep your facility operational, when you add in the extra heat and humidity, you have a recipe for failure. Luckily, EXAIR has you covered with our Cabinet Cooler Systems.

Our Cabinet Cooler incorporates a Vortex Tube that creates 2 air streams form the compressed air supply – 1 cold airstream and 1 hot airstream. The unit is designed to mount on the top of a sealed enclosure with the created hot airstream is exhausting external to the cabinet while the cold air is exhausted into the cabinet at a slight positive pressure. As a result, the hot, dirty air rises and is purged from the cabinet so only the cold, clean air is left circulating inside.  Humidity is kept to a minimum as the external air is unable to re-enter the enclosure.

CC how it works
Low cost, simple way to keep electrical components cool.

We offer systems for NEMA 12, NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X ratings, ranging from 275 Btu/hr. up to our largest dual system providing 5,600 Btu/hr. of cooling capacity. Additionally we offer special High Temperature Systems suitable up to 200°F, our Non-Hazardous Purge option supplying a constant 1 SCFM of air and our Special 316ss units.

Selecting the right model is simplified by using our Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide. This provides us all of the pertinent details to accurately calculate your current heat load and make our recommendation. Of course, you can always call one of our application engineers for assistance too.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


IT IS SO HOT image courtesy of Kate Ter Haar via Creative Commons License


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