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Today, I’m working on a informal video for you our lovely readers, and the video editing software can be quite cumbersome on the old CPU. I’m reminded of the old joke about Bill Gates and GM. Bill Gates says, “If Microsoft built a car it would cost $25 and get 1,000 miles to a gallon.” The executive of GM reads this in the paper and issues the following Press statement. “If GM developed technology like Microsoft, the car would crash twice a day.” All I have to say to either company is now I drive to work with a bad tire sensor in my car and every time I try and edit a video, I see a blue screen and need to reboot.

*Fine Print: I drive a car made in Korea and edit video with a software company other than Microsoft. The joke is just a joke not a reflection on either Microsoft or GM.

Today I wish I had a product that worked great everyday that I needed it. A product that require very little maintenance and I could count on to work right the first time every time. Something time tested, easy to install and innovative. I know of a product with these criteria – A Cabinet Cooler System – which is used to keep the internal temperature of your electrical cabinets at an optimal working temperature when dealing with components which heat the inside or when seasonal temperature increases cause additional internal heat buildup.

Cabinet Cooler Family
Cabinet Cooler Family (From Left To Right Small NEMA 12 Cabinet Cooler, Large NEMA 12 Cabinet Cooler, or Large NEMA 4X Cabinet Cooler)

A Cabinet Cooler is Vortex Tube based cooling product that runs on compressed air. The Cabinet Cooler Systems can cool up to 5,600 BTU/Hr. It has no moving parts to wear out. It will lower your compressed air temperature by 50 degrees F. The cabinet cooler also creates a positive pressure on the cabinet to prevent dust from entering the cabinet. We have varieties of NEMA 12 units to resist dust and oil intrusion and NEMA 4 units that resist, water, dust and oil intrusion. NEMA 4X units combat corrosion, water, dust and oil. The Cabinet Cooler Systems are versatile compressed air coolers that will work in harsh conditions.

The alternative to cabinet coolers have a variety of problems. During the heat of the summer fans are only able to pull in hot, humid, and dirty air. The hot plant air does not have the same cooling ability as cool winter air. In a dirty environment the fans must be filtered to prevent dust and dirt building up inside the cabinet preventing heat transfer. The motors on fans will need to be replaced. Air Conditioners have don’t rely on the ambient air temperature, but dust and dirt are pulled into their filters which can clog and lead to costly maintenance or replacement. Cabinet Coolers have no moving parts and don’t really on ambient temperature, so they are a much better system for hot, industrial environments.

EXAIR offers an online sizing guide for your convenience. Fill one out today, so you can avoid costly repairs on your electronic equipment.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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